1. Your friends are never ahead of you. Your mates are not more successful than you. Don’t see your brother or sister as a winner and yourself a loser. We have different missions to accomplish in this life. Never think you are too late  in this life. life is not a race except you want to die in the rat race which has no finishing point (Prince Ayerakwa)

2. Nothing is brighter than the sun, but even the sunlight fails during an eclipse. How much more easier it is for your plans to get thwarted by evil. The only antidote to conquer the evils in this world is PRAYER. When devils hear the language of prayer, they abscond (Prince Ayerakwa)

3. Gossip is a double-edged weapon. You can hurt the reputation of another, but it diminishes your own reputation that you lower yourself so much (Prince Ayerakwa)

4. Words are very powerful; Words can travel thousand miles to cause pain. Words can split the oak and splash the sea. So whenever you are given the opportunity to speak, make your choice of words a wholesome one(Prince Ayerakwa)

5. Life is like a coil. It is filled with multiplicity of issues. Only the heart that is patient can unfold it (Prince Ayerakwa)

6. Decisions and choices are like twins of the same destiny. They are the two most powerful weapons God gave to us to change the world (Prince Ayerakwa)

7. Have you ever watched someone being put in a hearse to the grave and asked yourself if your arrogance is worth it? Be humble and never think you are important than anyone else, for people keep departing. And death is not a discriminator of persons (Prince Ayerakwa)

8. Decisions are vehicles, driving us to our success or our total destruction.
Every decision you make today becomes a world that you live in tomorrow (Nana Adu Rockson)

9. There is one journey we all started before  our birth.
It is the longest journey everyone will travel.
It is the journey to eternity, and we are all walking it unknowingly(Nana Adu Rockson)

10. If you try to pull me down, you are wasting your own life.
If you are strong enough, why don’t you push yourself up instead? (Nana Adu Rockson)

11. All who want to get to Heaven one day must understand this once and for all: you can’t fear God and love evil.
You can only be a slave to one of them (Nana Adu Rockson)

12. When the storms of life rise mightily against you and you feel like giving up entirely, take a mirror and look yourself in it and say this to yourself: success looks so good on me; failure has no place in me (Nana Adu Rockson)

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