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2% of approximately 15,000 newborn babies have sickle cell diseases annually- Dr discloses

Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that causes red blood cells to become misshapen and break down.

Also, sickle cell is a blood disorder in which the haemoglobin is damaged and can’t carry oxygen to the tissues.

By this, Dr Kyeremeh Johnson at the komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital earlier today revealed that sickle cell disease is a blood disorder that a child is born with and it’s passed down through a parents genes.

According to Dr Johnson, about 2% of approximately 15,000 newborn babies annually have sickle cell diseases and every decade almost 150,000 newborn babies are more likely to get sickle cell disease.

As part of the numbers of sickle cell patient, he urged parents to observe their kids if there are signs and symptoms of abnormalities in their children and if their kids develop yellowish eye colour, pains at their joints and chest is a sign of sickle cell and they should send them to hospital for a check-up.

Dr. urged parents to allow their newborn babies to be screened, it does not harm their health.

He added that, if your kids develop such signs, kindly let him or her drink enough water to allow free-flowing of blood through the veins and parents shouldn’t think kids with sickle cell is abnormal but rather is a blood disorder that a child is born genetically with.

Sickle cell patient should not be exposed to extremes of temperatures, because if you are exposed to extremes of temperatures you are at an increased chance of developing crises.

He lastly urged parents to allow their children to sleep under treated mosquito nets to prevent them from getting malaria because getting malaria provokes crises.

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