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Asankrangwa is a town in the  Western Region of Ghana. It is the capital of Amenfi West Municipal.

Every town has its unique natural and artificial features which make it attract tourists. Asankrangwa abounds in rain and lush, green landscapes and fertile soil. The majority of its inhabitants are into agriculture.

Aside from these unique natural features, Asankrangwa has some nice places that any traveller or tourist may want to go and appreciate man-environment relations.
Residents also go to these areas because of satisfaction, pleasure or creative enrichment. Many people spend their leisure in these areas for various purposes.

There are many places of interest and other intriguing features in the town but the following areas have been selected and discussed based on function and purpose.

Below are the three nice places that one may want to visit whenever they step in Asankrangwa.


3. Afuabi Court:

Afuabi court is a place that is not familiar to people but anytime one steps there and leaves, they feel that it’s the nicest place that they have ever been. It’s a hideout.
During working days and hours, the place is conducive for whiling away time and a serene environment for pondering over matters.


Afuabi Court




2. Uptown Hotel.

Almost everyone in Asankrangwa knows Uptown Hotel. Its beautiful structure interspersed with a green environment makes it exceptional. No wonder people travel from far just to come and take pictures. People normally organize picnics at Uptown Hotel because of its natural setting. With two swimming pools, one for kids and one for adults, both parents and children go there to have fun together.
There is a children’s park and children and youngsters go in glittering and colourful dresses to play amusing games. Those who are scared of aquatic activities can sit behind the rim of the pool and watch children and adults play or sit under the summer and listen to cool music or order for any of their sumptuous meals. Uptown is a place one never gets bored.


Uptown Hotel






1. Melody Hotel:

Melody Bar and Hotel is a great place of amusement for its nearness to the centre of the town. The place offers the opportunity to meet the crème de la crème of political figures within the confinement and also an advantage to anyone who wants to familiarize themselves with them.

During the weekends, look no farther than Melody Hotel if entertainment is your priority for an outing. From wedding receptions to live band, anyone would be served from Fridays to Sundays.
In fact, the general appeal of Melody Hotel is its physical appearance…attractive paint colour combinations; the presence of summer huts to induce local scenery and feeling; the swimming and the water fountain, and the building laying out make it attractive to relax the soul.

Melody Hotel is well-known for entertainment purposes. The weekend’s bash and other creative enrichment…such as Rep Your Jersey, Awards Night, Artist Shows, etc. make it outstanding. Many artists have performed at this hotel in the past three years. Fameye, Wendy Shay, Sister Afia and Kofi Kinaata have all been to Melody hotel to perform. To add a cherry to the cake, Medikal will be performing on 31st October 2021 dubbed “Mask on with AMG Medikal Concert “.

Melody Hotel, Asankrangwa






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