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After you got this car, you want to kill me with depression and hypertension, woman says as she destroys husband’s car.


Angela Ntim, 55, has been arrested for causing fear and panic at Pandora Estate in Aboabo Number 2, Kumasi. Angela, the 55-year-old wife of one Ntim Frank, was arrested this morning after one Eva Tawiah reported her to the Aboabo Police for causing harm, destroying properties and threatening to beat her if she sees her anywhere. Eva, 29, reported Mrs Angela Ntim after residents at Pandora Estates encouraged her to do so.

Angela after her arrest this morning at Kumasi Asafo, where she lived, refused to speak until the arrival of her lawyers, Merlinda Fordjour. Merlinda, the daughter of Angela Ntim and Frank Ntim, is a lawyer who was named after Angela’s younger sister Faustina Fordjour. Faustina Fordjour, the younger sister of Angela could not bare children and that forced Angela the elder sister to name her second daughter after her only sister.

It is alleged Faustina Fordjour, the woman in Canada, is the one that has been supporting Angela and her husband when things became difficult for them in 2017. Faustina Fordjour, Angela’s younger sister did not only sponsor Merlinda to the university and law school, but again paid for a V8 SUV from Canada to the family in Ghana to use as their family car.

Angela’s sister Faustina, was the same person who sent money to the Ntims to pay for the importation duty of the car in November 2019. Angela as a wife, left the car in the hands of her husband, Frank Ntim and it has been with that car the man has been using since last year April 2020. According to Angela’s lawyers open statement to the Aboabo Police this morning, the arrestee; Angela Ntim, has been hearing rumours of her husband’s movement with younger women within Aboaboa and it was with that information she got, that made her trace the car to the Pandora Estate last night.

The car which was parked in the house of Eva Tawiah at Pandora Estates in Aboabo, was wrecked from the front passenger seat side, boot, roof and windscreen with chippings Angela threw towards the car when Eva denied ownership of the car. If you don’t know who parked this car here, then I will trash it, Angela said at 9:38pm last night before throwing stones and chippings to the car.

When residents of Pandora Estates intervened to stop Angela from destroying the car, she lamented the car belongs to her husband and if the car was there, then the husband Frank Ntim was inside the house of Eva Tawiah. Eva denied knowing who Frank Tawiah was and argued that, she came from work and the car was parked in front of her house.

Eva denied knowing the person who parked the car in front of her house, but did not allow Angela or anyone enter her house to check if Frank Tawiah was in deed in her house or not. Angela called Eva names before smashing the SUV with stones and chippings. This car has made you pompous too much. We had a normal life but after you got this car, you want to kill me with depression and hypertension, I won’t allow you to do that Frank!!, Angela kept saying as she trashed the car by destroying all the windows.

Angela stayed in the area for over thirty minutes before security at Pandora Estates drover her out of the estate. The car which is registered in Angela’s name, was done on purpose so the husband’s family can’t claim ownership to it if death should call her or the husband. The car is my car, I destroyed it because I saw it in another woman’s house. I don’t know who took it there, but I suspected my husband and that was why I destroyed it so robbers can’t use it, if I can’t find him, Angela claimed in her statement.

The police of Aboabo, through Eva Tawiah is charging Angela for causing fear and panic, disturbing private residents with threats but Angela has tbrough her lawyer; Merlinda Fordjour, denied threatening anyone last night but has accepted to destroying her own car at a private residence. Angela is likely to face court if Eva Tawiah fails to withdraw her case against her.


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