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Watch viral video of a boy spotted performing rituals on a laptop to scam a white man (Video+pictures] 

The desire for materialistic possessions and the wish of some youth to live a luxurious life make many youths go the extra mile to gamble with their lives. Money rituals, fraud, kidnapping have become rampant in society today just because the youth are interested in windfall gains.

A video making waves on social media has shown a moment when a fraud boy who was in a hurry to get money was seen performing rituals.

The young man in the video was seen sitting in front of a computer while he sprayed some whitish substances on the screen of his monitor.

According to reports, the act done by the fraud boy was to voodoo the white man, make him confused and accept to do anything that the young man would ask him to do.

Netizens who chanced upon the video have expressed shock as to how far the youth of recent would go just so they can live a very luxurious lifestyle.

Watch the video below






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