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Understanding The Healthcare System In Ghana​: The Patient`s Responsibility

The patient should understand that he/she is responsible for their health and should therefore co-operate fully with healthcare providers. The patient is responsible for:

1. Providing full and accurate medical history for his/her diagnosis, treatment, counselling and rehabilitation purposes.

2. Request additional information and or clarification regarding his/her health or treatment, which may not have been well understood.

3. Complying with prescribed treatment, reporting adverse effects and adhering, to follow up requests.

4. Informing his/her healthcare providers of any anticipated problems in following prescribed treatment or advice.

5. Obtaining all necessary information, which has a bearing on his/her management and treatment including all financial implications.

6. Acquiring knowledge, on preventive, promotive and simple curative practices and where necessary seeking early professional help.

7. Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment in order to promote good health.

8. Respecting the rights of other patients/clients and Health Service personnel

9. Protecting the property of the Health facility



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