The fire which is believed to have started on Saturday morning January 15, 2022, at Teachers Quarters at Big Apple has led to the death of all 7-Members of a family.

A running call was made to the Buduburam Fire Station at 0634 hours, more than 30 minutes after the start of the fire.

The Firefighting Crew swiftly responded to the fire call and got to the fire ground within six (6) minutes after receiving the fire call.

The fire was spreading rapidly in all directions on arrival at 0640 Hours and was at an advanced stage.

The affected family was trapped inside the top floor of the Teachers Quarters Building. According to the Incident Commander, the fire was raging on intensely at the living room area of the top floor of the building.

The dexterity exhibited by the Firefighting Crew in controlling the fire from further spreading into the other adjoining seven (7) apartments quickly brought the raging fire under control at 0700 hours. The fire was finally extinguished at 0712 hours.

Eyewitnesses who got to the affected teachers flat after hearing the shouts for help from the now perished fire victims say, they could do little to save the trapped family because of how intense the fire was and the burglar-proof in the affected apartment. They recounted that these impeded the victims from safe evacuation.

Preliminary findings point to the fact that the fire started in the hall and spread to the adjoining bedroom, kitchen and bathroom of the deceased apartment. Thus, the fire was confined to the deceased family apartment.

The fire was highly concentrated in the hall owing to the presence of much fuel load. The intensity of the fire coupled with rapid-fire spread amidst burglar proofing in most sections of the living room made it difficult for the family to escape to safety through the hall since the hall was the only access to the final exit at the time of the fire.

The affected portions of the building had no early detection and warning systems to have warned and alerted the victims for evacuation from the fire.

The rapid spread of fire from the hall to the other rooms of the deceased apartment calls for collaborated investigations by Fire Service and the Police as it is not too clear as to what actually led to this dawn’s fire.

The deceased family’s apartment is made up of a bedroom, kitchen and a hall and their contents including furniture, bed, beddings, clothes, electronic appliances, etc worth several thousands of cedis were destroyed by the fire. The family of Seven (7) whose details are not readily known perished in this dawn’s fire. Their badly charred bodies were handed over to the Police for preservation and autopsy. The deceased family included the father, mother, and five children including about three-month-old baby.

The affected building has now been cordoned off and declared a crime scene under Police Protection until further investigation into the circumstances that led to the fire is established.

Keep watching this space for updates s) on this particular fire incident.




Source: GNFS



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