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Addictions you need to reduce/stop in 2022

Addiction is disastrous. People should try their best to do away with the following addictions.

Addictions you need to reduce/stop this year

1. Betting: as much as you could win big from betting, as much as it could change your life for the better, it can also ruin you. Betting could make a man go from 100-0 in a second. You should stop it totally.

2. Pornography: Stop watching porn kings. This is one of the reasons why men feel horny at all times when it keeps on flashing their thoughts and some even go ahead to rape women. Porn ruins quit it, kings.

3. Masturbation:

Learn to control your sexual urge and you’d be free from this slavery.

4. Procrastination: you can do it today. You don’t need to do it tomorrow. Make those moves today king.

5. Alcohol & cigarettes: excessive intakes of both could ruin you, reduce alcohol or better still stop it. Once you’re addicted to substances like this, you can’t go a day without them, you’re getting closer to your grave. Reduce it!!!



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