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Angry Residents Storm Fireman’s House To Burn Down His Apartment Together With The Evidence [photos]

Several angry Abesim residents at the early hours of yesterday stormed Richard Appiah, popularly known as Fireman, the alleged murder of three young men at Alaska, a residential area of Abesim in the Sunyani municipality to burn down his apartment for causing such an abominable crime in the community, anonymous police who spoke with Ghana News Agency (GNA).

According to reports from Ghana News Agency, the residence of Richard Appiah has since been declared a crime scene under very security following the attempt by the residents who thought Richard Appiah has brought a bad name to the community to burn down his house.

Personnel of the Ghana Police Service were tasked to guard the house against the angry youths. Richard Appiah’s house has been knotted from end to end with a white coloured tape with the inscription “Crime scene Ghana Police Service” to prevent them from tampering with the evidences to ensure effective, proper and thorough investigations.

The aggrieved residents were calmed and prevented by the police from setting Richard Appiah’s house ablaze.

Background: a tragedy hit the community of Abesim on Saturday when a 12-year-old relative of Richard Appiah, with two other children, already butchered and their bodies kept in a double door refrigerator in a room in his(Richard Appiah) house. Police have since arrested him and an investigation is ongoing.


Source: GNA


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