The family is of great importance when it comes to God. I believe this is one of the reasons why the world is doing its best to divert the originality of the family system to same-sex parenting and other negative human behaviours. Children were designed by God to grow up balanced in their body, spirit, and soul. It is the earnest desire of every child to grow up under the care of parents who are in perfect harmony. This is the main reason why there is a vast difference when it comes to children who grow up from unbroken homes and those from divorce cases and the streets.

The many diversities of evil and societal breakdown are a result of the failure of the family system to function well as it is supposed to. I can say for a fact that these days, it is virtually more and more difficult to bring up a child in our societies. This is because societies are more complicated than they used to be. Many parents have shifted their focus from their children to many other things forgetting the fact that nothing can replace the role of the family. Gone were the days where parents could have a fireside chat with the children and dine together with them sharing lessons and good morale-based stories. In our days now, the forces of urbanisation and job demands don’t even give parents time to spend with children. They have adopted the strategy of leaving their children in the mercy of the house helps caretakers etc.

We must emphasise the fact that the many deviancies we see in the lives of children are because we fail to care for our children. How many parents have a family time of prayer? I almost forgot one thing also and that is the spirit of assumptions. Always assuming things are well when we neglect our responsibilities towards our own. Church has a part to play in shaping the lives of children but the church cannot replace your responsibilities as a parent so stop pushing your children into churches when you have deliberately closed down your “home church”. It is very difficult for attitudes to change after they have fully been formed. Parents must do their best not to take their families for granted.

I’ve seen parents who teach their children how to tell lies. Parents who expose children to pornography, those who lead their children into drugs, tobacco abuse including sexual exploitations and many more. Children grow up with pain in their hearts for parents who were never there even though they were alive. What is parenting if children cannot share their deeper thoughts with you? In my research, it is evident that a lot of children would like to seek advice from strangers and fellow friends more than their parents for many reasons. It is just a few who have that relationship with their children. Why because many children feel their parents do not listen. Perhaps you have to come down to the level of the child in understanding knowing that there are two worlds apart when it comes to a child’s world and the parental world. Perhaps you could address issues in a more special way than the old way of abuse and cursing.

Dear parent, devote time to pray for your children. Dear parents, your inability to solve your marital issues is having a big problem with your children. Perhaps you should stop forcing children to live in your world. Dear parent, stop abusing your spouse in front of your children.
Dear parents, your children need you better than you are now. The broken chords can be restored when children can live in harmony with their parents no matter the issues that the family have been through. Don’t allow your chase for money and other needful things to break the love and harmony between your children. It is normal for children to always behave foolishly, but it takes a constant love, prayer and necessary responsibility of a parent to restore the child to the intended position.
Prov 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Dear parent, your children needs you. Dear parent, your actions may be communicating a lot to your dear children in ways you may not be aware of.
My prayer today is for the family, Asking God to restore broken families and families in crises. That the good lord will grant you unity and undying love to restore your family to where it’s supposed to be. Amen.




Kwame Nyamekye Essel.


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