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THE WORLD OF CHILDREN   The old always envy the world of children. They think our world is full of fun, but this is not always so for when a child breaks a glass; He is sure to get a scolding. When a child goes to bed late; He is …

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FROM GRASS TO GRACE As a bouncing baby lass I came on one chilly dawn The fading moon smiling at me Giving credence to blessings and prosperity But the inevitable creature Took away the prime parts of me When the main parts die The sub-parts fall off,  wilt and crush …

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  Here we lie In the tears of our cry And the blood of our cuts: Daily blood; weekly blood; yearly blood The worst being our monthly blood Our blood — our innocent blood Our lanky bodies swimming in the pools Of our sweat, vomit, urine and horrible poos In …

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The mind is restless For the dreams are countless The body can’t relax For the heartbeats are fast The hands won’t dare to lie Or the mouth shall whine Something must fill the stomach So the mouth cannot shut The minute the legs go to sleep The chest will have …

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Leave the Game to Them

Leave the Game to its key players! What have we than unwillingly say yes And stay back and watch them strike and kick And giggle in the wealth meant for us all to lick? Save your strength and so do your time For your tasks ahead need a great might. …

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At Life’s Junction- Nana Adu Rockson

Each setting of the sun Shortens our days Each tick of the clock brings us to eternity Today we work–busily going about Tomorrow all is still–no opening of the mouth The arms are folded and the eyes are closed. Life is a breath!   I have to bid this world …

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Pause, stand and take a stretch; Too much work brings a wreck. Pause, breathe and have a drink; A little coffee is better than a swim. Pause, step up and take a walk; The body needs this gentle warmth. Pause, chat and give a laugh; So good a way to …

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If we survived on the birthstool– the most dangerous place, We will survive on earth too Regardless of the nature of the race   If we survived on the birthstool– the most dangerous place, Then we are victors, winners And conquerors We can’t be losers Even if we are denied …

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Motherhood The nodes of all love The central place of charity and tenderly care That pilot mankind through the tunnel of an earthly home Our Indefatigable lawyers Our “God” of defence Our “Rock” of refuge who hide and shelter us despite our countless time  of unfaithfulness and lawlessness Establishing themselves …

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