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Common Dreams Interpretations – Praying against bad dreams [ part 1]


(1). Eating In The Dream:
If you see yourself eating in the dream, it means you should pray against sickness and bewitchment.

(2) If you see your private parts in the dream, then it is a signal that you should pray against the arrows of shame and disgrace.

(3) If you dream of having ROMANCE With A PERSON, it is telling you that you should pray against marital problems and financial pollution.

(4) When you dream of SNAKES in different dream activities, it is telling you that there is an unfriendly friend, wicked people around you, and it is also telling you that you should pray to destroy the host of marine witchcraft and evil foundation.

(5) If you dream about DOG, it represents sexual perversion, seducing spirit, and lack of control of the tongue. A dog dream is a marine projection into one’s life. However, If you see dogs chasing, licking your body, is connected to marine demons working against your marriage. When dogs appear too often in your dream, it’s time to pray against evil friends and unforgiving. You should stop exposing your issues to many people.

(6) If you dream that you had a Severe GUNSHOT, it is telling you that Certain arrows have been filed against you, the arrows can hide in your body to destroy you and it is also telling you to pray back to senders prayers.

(7) If you discover your SHOE is MISSING OR Torn, etc, then it is revealing to you that you should stand up and pray against Marital Problems, Poverty, Struggle and Inherited bondage.

(8) If you dream that you see Masquerade in various formats, those revelations tell you that you are suffering from foundational problems and ancestral demons. It is telling you to pray against backwardness, difficulties and demotion.

(9) When you see people dead or you discovered that you are dead in dreams, it means death and misfortunes are looming around, and it is also telling you to pray aggressively against Premature Death, Sickness and Unending Afflictions. The best ways of protection are by going for deliverance.

(10) A dream that you Went to the Market to Buy anything or Sell Something, indicates Marine Wickedness, destiny diversion, Mental Disturbance. The market dream is the home of the witchcraft world. The dream is telling you to pray against marital shame, unprofitable works and failure at the edge of a breakthrough.

(11) When Unbroken EGGS are sighted too many times in your dream, it shows that you are operating under a curse of non-achievement, fruitlessness, and pollution. Unbroken EGGS also means an unfulfilled purpose that is characterized by emotional problems and warfare battles. This dream is telling you to pray against any power trying to destroy your reputation and your glory.

(12) If see yourself in the place of your FORMAL SCHOOL, that’s a bad dream. It means curses and covenant with backwardness, stagnation and profitless hard work would be evident in your life. And it is telling you to pray against evil plantation of back to square one, shame and inability to fulfil your purpose.

(13) Dream about Villages is common these days. But if you keep seeing yourself in your village, you don’t need anyone to tell you that this dream implies a foundational battle from your father’s house or mother’s house. The Lord is telling you to pray well to bind, cast out, and break any stubborn patterns in your life or Family.

(14) Many people dream about weddings, this portends a good omen to the dreamer. But when you are unable to see your groom or even bride, it means the enemy is bringing serious disappointments. If that’s the case, then you should pray against late marriage, unstable relationships, and misunderstandings with your partner.

(15) If you see yourself FIGHTING Where you Woke up so tired, it indicates that you are battling with the enemies that are stronger than you. In clear terms, it means warfare. If you find it hard to beat him or her, that means a particular strange demon is responsible for your problems. So the dream is asking you to pray against any witchcraft power drawing a battle line against you.

(16) MONEY is good to Spend. If you dream that a dirty, torn, rough, tattered MONEY Was Given to you, it means that a person or a demon is transferring the spirit of borrow and poverty unto you. Please stand up and cancel such a dream now before it wrecks your financial life. Bind debt and loss.


Source: Dr Iyke (Wonders of herbs Moderator )


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