From nowhere, you are here
To cause panic and much fear
You have come to destroy the joy and hopes of mankind
Taking away the so-kind
And parading them to meet their Maker
Before the set time
Man is scared
While Other creatures are free and  spared
Man hides in caves
But they are not graves.
You have silenced the world
And caused people to flee abroad
You have brought compulsory quarantine
What if we had to celebrate the man Valentine?
What a delay you would have brought!
What a deny you would have caused!
We knew no silence
But you have brought silence, for we fear to speak
We knew no distance
But you have brought distance, for we can’t hug
Our cherished social value- togetherness is of no importance now
Social distancing is what the whole world has embraced and propagating
The whole world in suspense!
What a nightmare!
Whether you are a Chinese, a Ghanaian,
A Nigerian or a Japanese,
We care less
We are always on our knees
To cause the Almighty
To rescue us from your calamity
And cause you to be gone.
You are a virus!
You are a creature
And not our Master.




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  1. Indeed it's a creature not our master

    That was a nice piece..really enjoyed it.

  2. I just love it.Soar Higher Poet

  3. The sky is never your limit. Go higher

  4. Well said..
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