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Dampare’s Surveillance Cameras In Action: V8 And Other Errant Drivers Grabbed For Recklessness


One of the first offices in the Ghana Police service that was resourced when Dr. George Akuffo Dampare was appointed as the Inspector General of Police was the Motor Transport and Traffic Department’s monitoring and surveillance center of the Ghana Police Service.

Since the installations of the cameras were completed at vantage points with monitoring, several drivers have been captured. Some have faced the laws accordingly but the cameras are still working and drivers keep offending the traffic rules. Most of them are not aware that the cameras are still working and capture every single offense at the easiest playback.

There are basic rules on the road which most drivers are expected to obey even without the police. Using the median of the road is illegal but most drivers defy the rules and move when no one is there to check. The police have captured drivers from the Spintex road and Airport roundabout in their latest release and some drivers were captured driving carelessly.

One V8 vehicle could be seen shifting from the main lane to the median, the driver seem to be in hurry and wanted to make his way through but unfortunately was being captured by the camera. The police have captured all the number plates of the vehicles that were recorded by the surveillance cameras for breaking basic road safety rules.

Some of the number plates that are supposed to report to report to the MTTD department as quickly as possible include GW 7128-17, GR 3889-16, GX 592-19, GT 1139-12, WR 2346-19, WR 407-2, GR 3952-18, and many others. Some of them were captured parked at unauthorized places, others were using the wrong lanes, and many more.

They have been asked to report at the MTTD for the necessary court processes to begin. This is another great move that will force drivers to comply with road safety regulations. Once the cameras keep capturing them and they are made to face the laws, the rest will be careful when plying the road. This is will also reduce the rate of road accidents in the country.





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