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Determining a real woman.

A real woman is a mature, sophisticated, classy, intellectual woman with strong morals and good manners.

A real woman is a woman that knows how to show you a good time; she isn’t like those other girls, she knows what she’s doing in all aspects whether it’s in the bedroom or not.

She dresses decently. She doesn’t take pictures showing her buttocks to the world, she does not expose her boobs nor her private parts. She loves her body, she does not hate it and wishes is like somebody’s own. A real woman is secure and comfortable in her skin.

A real woman values her man. She appreciates and respects the value and worth of her man. She knows that part of being a great woman is recognizing and embracing the qualities of a great man. She stands by him and believes in his purpose and who he is. She is actively present, and when she is needed most, she is there.

A real woman has her own life goals; she creates and achieves them. She is determined, driven and able to accomplish a great task.

She doesn’t try to bring random people into her life. She manages the events in her life the way she needs to, and she sets the pace for the circumstances.

She knows what to say and when to say it. More importantly, she knows how much to say and how exactly to say something.

She is sophisticated. She is not easily convinced and doesn’t change by the crafted lies from unscrupulous men. She has a lot of experience of the world, culture and other things that are socially important.

Her approach to problem-solving is laudable. If she doesn’t like something that you do or say, she will find a way to tell you, without hurting your feelings.

She appreciates the efforts of his man and she doesn’t compare.
she knows the importance of communication in a relationship. She doesn’t call only when she needs something from you.
She makes a request, not demands.

She knows when to put a stop to her activities. She doesn’t go overboard with helping friends, getting drunk and partying all day.

She does not measure her beauty by the number of likes and comments on Facebook. She looks in the mirror and smile knowing that God created her in His image.

She does not see her man as a bank account where she can withdraw at any time. She does not think of harvesting when she has not sowed.
Her prime purpose is to provide support.

A real woman is confident. She is happy with herself and her abilities. Her happiness is not dependent on how rich or the number of cars and houses a guy has. She does not change men in an attempt to find the easy way and comfort, rather she creates her own.


A real woman is the one who is;


Beware of fake ladies, they can jeopardize your future. They are common on the streets.


Prince Ayerakwa



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