An ideal woman is like a star sending you to your destination.


LOVE always give us a mixed feeling. Some people have made stunning exploits from love whilst others too have been found in the quicksand of love. The difference between the two lies in one’s ability to make a meaningful assessment of the relationship. A relationship should be assessed to know the workability of the relationship. Through that, you can make a better decision regarding how you invest in the relationship and the energy that you put into it. Unfortunately, many young boys rush into a relationship without any proper assessment. They go into the relationship and waste their time and resources. Such people normally live with regrets, bitterness and the desire to pay back for their loss on innocent ladies.

Below are some of the things that should send a signal to you that your partner is genuine or has a hidden motive. After reading this piece, you will know the ideal woman. Ideal in this context means a perfect standard of beauty, intellect etc., or a standard of excellence to aim at.

1. Ideal woman doesn’t make the relationship become a heavy millstone on your neck. When you are into a relationship and you feel loaded with burdens and responsibilities, know that the other person has a hidden motive or agenda. She doesn’t call. You are the one doing the calling all the time. She doesn’t care if you call or not. Love communicates. And people who are in genuinely hears the echoes of communication in love. If the person doesn’t love you, nothing tickles her to call. They only succumb to flimsy excuses. The day the heavens hear your cry for her to call, she won’t spend more than 30 seconds. She will get a well-crafted excuse that you can’t stop her from ending the call. You should not be the one always surprising her. Don’t be buying gifts all the time if she doesn’t.
When you become her bank account, that is a time bomb in the relationship. You will be reduced to zero. Love gives, but it should not be that you are the one always giving. When you are not married to her, giving should not be a responsibility. Don’t attach your emotions to it. Value for money in a relationship means knowing when and why you give. An ideal woman makes you feel relieved all the time. She knows how and when to do that.

2. Attitudinal change as a result of a promise or request. When you talk to her or ask her to do something for you, she contorts or frowns her face. But she begins calling you nice names that would make you hold your head high in the sky. Whenever she changes because she needs something from you, that is a clear indication that she is not real. Sometimes too, you have to get something special for her before she pardons.

3 The pretender is not bothered by your expenses. A woman who truly believes she has a future with you will question you on how you spend. She will be worried about the number of times you go out. She will be worried about how much money you spend a day or find out where you spend. A lady who is not real would rather push you to spend. She will be the one to let you know which part of the town will be entertaining. She will take you to all the grandiose restaurants or pubs in town. They would consistently ask for an outing. Sometimes too they invite their ” leech/sucking friends”. They come just to make sure that your pocket is empty. How you spend is none of her business. When you are down, she starts dissociating herself from you.

4. The pretender is upset when you try to interrogate her. When you try to question her on something that you have heard about her, she gets angry and starts acting weird. She starts throwing jabs. An ideal woman answers without hurting you. Her standard will supersede your suspicion about her.

Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides and following them you will reach your destiny – Carl Schurz

There is no poison dangerous than being with a pretender, so one has to carefully assess the relationship they find themselves in. Assess the relationship to see if you are with the ideal woman. Hope you have learnt a lot. Share with your friends.


Source: Prince Ayerakwa


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