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Don’t marry a woman addicted to prophets – Nigerian Pastor advises men

According to Pastor Shola Adeoye, a woman who always visits different prophets is not the same as a woman who knows God. And if her mother spearheads all these visits, marrying her is definitely a red flag.

In a social media post, the pastor advised young men to be warry of women who make prophets their God. He said that such a marriage would be dictated to by prophecies and strange troubling words.

He wrote, “Never marry a woman addicted to visiting prophets, or her mother is a spiritual prostitute. Your marriage shall be controlled by prophecy.”

He said that a woman who has a close relationship with God is the best choice for marital success. A relationship that does not involve different third parties for interpretation.
“A woman who knows and trust in God is the best for marriage,” he concluded.




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