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E/R: Armed Robbers Shoot Young Boy After Robbing Momo Vendor At Ekye Amanfrom

Another breaking news coming from Ekye Amanfrom in the Eastern Region indicates that armed robbers have shot a young boy after robbing a mobile money vendor.

Bright Gborglah, a journalist who works with Afram radio at Ekye Amanfrom in the Eastern Region reported that the robbery incident took place Saturday, 9th October,2021 around 8:20 pm. He said the young boy who was shot by the armed robbers is in critical condition and has been rushed to a nearby health centre in the district.

As it stands now, Bright Gborglah did not inform the public about whether police officers have been sent to the place where the robbery took place to check what happened before the robbery went on and the amount of money made away by the armed robbers. The number of people who came and robbed the mobile money is yet to be known.

Bright, the one who was shot


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