One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside (John Lennon).

Emotional cripple refers to  a person who has been rendered, indecisive, alienated, uncaring, confused, or
helpless in conjunction with experiencing debilitating emotions, such as worry, fear, panic, despair, etc ( Wiktionary).

Our emotions are neuro-hormonal reactions occurring in response to some physical or mental stimulus, which in turn, affect our response to the same stimulus on the physical and mental plane. Emotions do not come from our heart, they are generated in our brain. All the emotions we feel-love, joy, hatred, anger, sorrow, etc are generated in the brain. The mind which is the ability to focus thoughts is a process of the brain.  The brain is the physical place where the mind resides. Emotions are an individual task which we must deal with. You cannot blame it on anybody. Emotions are centred in the mind.
In a biblical context, the mind concerns itself with four things, good and evil, life and death. But you have the power to choose from any of the above. You can be the type that holds onto the negatives or positives, this decision is yours. Death is not ours to command, it is inevitable, so why waste your time thinking about death when there is life. Death belongs to those who are dead whilst life to those who are living.
When you maintain positive energy and see the good in everything, then you become the happiest person and you would have no one to blame. For example, when you experience a relationship failure, it is unto you to decide to let go knowing that life is heuristic- full of trials and errors and it could be that the one who came was an error, and as an error, you just have to erase it off.

We must stay grounded, you should never let anything pull you down. Life present to us mix emotions, you look back and you feel sad for the people who are gone, those you shared things in common with. But how long will you let that imprison you? Disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, disappointment, failure, suspicion, etc are part of growing, but never should you let any of these consume you. Break yourself from the shackles and trauma of life.

Fear is one of the instruments that the devil use to cripple the children of God. It makes them doubt that the strong arm of God cannot protect them. Don’t let anything cripple you down, manage your distressing emotions or else you will not go far in life.  Life is like a coin with two sides, pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, success and failure, appointment and disappointments, good and bad, happiness and sadness, etc. Any of these is likely to hit us when we least expect it. But emotional balance when you are doing well, emotional balance when we are doing things badly, emotional balance after victory and emotional balance after big defeats is the best. Uncomfortable emotions can dominate our thinking process and give rise to inappropriate decisions that stifle our abilities.

Sometimes we cry, think, think and think over things that we cannot change. Pain, troubles, challenges are inevitable phenomena in life. But you can respond to the conditions and circumstances that come which makes the difference and determines where you belong at the moment. When you are out of balance with your emotions, you create problems for yourself and your neighbours (one directly affected by your action). For example, your girlfriend just called you to tell you why she wants to end her relationship with you, out of emotional trauma you shout at the top of your voice to a friend or even a stranger who asked you for coins to buy water. Emotional intelligence- having the tact to control your emotions is very important, this will bring about emotional equilibrium, hence preserve normality. When anger arises, think about the consequences and don’t let anger control you or else you regret it later. Never hold onto resentments and never think of retaliation when someone offends you.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else: you are the one who gets burned (Buddha).

You can choose to not let things upset you. It’s very important to remove anything that insults or hurt you, suppresses and rejects you for a healthy lifestyle. Emotions are like fire, when you don’t manage, they burn and devastate the spirit, and when managed properly, they become the medicine that heals and brings normality.


Prince Ayerakwa



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