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Extraordinary Men Don’t Need Long Lives-Nyansabuakwa Kaakyire Samingo

Despite the reverberating shock around the world, I am the least bit surprised and the least bit shocked by the sudden departure of Prophet T.B.Joshua. Why die so early and so sudden? This is the question many are asking. Let me put it to you in blunt terms. Extraordinary men don’t need to live long lives to make an impact. They come, they conquer, they go. Our obsession with long lives is misleading. You don’t necessarily have to live a long life. What you need is to live a life of impact. Most of my mentors left young or left unannounced!

Martin Luther King Jnr came, fought the civil rights battle, and left unannounced at age 37

Alexander the Great came, conquered the known world in 10 years and left unannounced by age 33.

Julius Caesar came, built an empire and left unplanned at age 55.

Benson Idahosa preached in 157 nation’s and left unannounced at age 59

Bob Marley came, shook the music world and left unplanned at 36.

Myles Munroe came, redefined purpose and redefined destiny for millions, and left un-announced at age 60.

My beloved mentor Prophet Kobus came, healed 10,000 cripples and left unannounced at 60.

JFK came, inspired the world and left unannounced at 46.

The Lord Jesus came, changed the world and left at 33.

T.B Joshua was a legend and legends don’t have to live long before they are “ready” for death . What determines whether a legend is ready for death is not whether or not they have lived long enough or whether or not they are old enough for death. What determines whether a legend should die is whether they have fulfilled the assignment God gave them.

I have never been more convinced that T.B Joshua was a true man of God than I have been now by how he has died.

Legends leave the stage while the crowd is still begging for more!



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