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Ghana can’t pick and choose LGBTQ+, we belong to UN – Richard Ahiagbah


The Executive Director of Danquah Institute, Mr Richard Ahiagbah, seem to have a different position about the ongoing discussions about the LGBTQ+ brouhaha in the country.

According to him, United Nations’ countries including Ghana cannot pick and choose what to support in the LGBTQ+ matter since it is a signatory to the intergovernmental organization.

Mr Ahiagbah said as far as the UN community was concerned, human rights issues supersede member state culture and LGBTQ+ was not an exception.

Although he said he does not hold up to the idea of same-sex relationships, he was of the view Ghana was a signatory to US Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that was binding on its decisions.

“You see, now the momentum this has gathered no one country can stop it because it overwhelming….. we have signed on to the US Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Right, we are bind by it so that when there is a war between your culture and the law, the law takes precedent…”

“You can’t pick and choose if you are part of the UN…that only work when there is a unanimity but where others are adopting and others are opposed they will single you out for treatment”, he said.”

Mr Ahiagbah was speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana monitored by GhanaPlus.com on Tuesday, October, 12.

He revealed the LGBTQ+ campaign was being led by the United Nations and that makes it impossible for member states to exempt themselves.

“The whole world is boxed in, the United Nations is leading this project. The United Nations is at the heart of this project so no country can exclude itself from it because look, in 2011 or 2012 the UN Secretary-General made a statement to that effect say where culture is at variance with the right of people, gay rights, then human right must take precedence,” Mr Ahiagbah said.

Source: GhanaPlus.com


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  1. I disagree with Mr Ahingba, the United Nations own court said Homosexuality is not human right. Why must we be made to forcefully accept something which is foreign to our culture. Is China and Arab world not part of the United Nations, why are they not forcing it on them, they are doing this because we are poor country and we always go there cup in hand otherwise this complete nonsensical behaviour should not be promoted by the United Nations. Has Japan and China accepted this homosexuality, are they not part of the United Nations???

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