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Manu wins star performer for the second time

GMB 2021 journey ends for Ahafo Region’s Akua; Manu wins star performer for the 2nd time.


15th August 2021 marked TV3 fifth live performance of Ghana Most Beautiful 2021 (GMB 2021). As the days and weekends unfold, different intriguing activities are performed by the contestants.

August 15, 2021, was storytelling. There isn’t a strong connection between people than storytelling. Stories are woven into the history of our times.

Storytelling was featured in GMB 2021 for contestants to tell the public mysteries and fascinating stories about their religions.

Upper West region’s Teroo told the story of why chiefs and queen mothers in her region sit on an animal skin. In the Upper East region, Wedaga narrated the story of the people of Kassena-Nankana.

Manu of the Western region disclosed the reasons why dogs have black lips and brown skin. Manu enlightened the public about the people of Asankran Breman.

Also, the Oti region’s representative, Akosua excitingly told the rich story of how the name Jasikan came about in her region.

From the Ashanti region, Sarfoa brought the legendary story of how the name Asante, Kumawu and Kumasi originated.

Kwansema sparkled the night with a story of how the popular town in the Central region, Komenda, came about. Aramah from the Savannah gave a mysterious story of how three birds formed an orchestra.

There were other intriguing stories from contestants from the Ahafo, Eastern, Volta and Bono  Region as well.

Award winners for tonight.

1. Akosua won the best costume


2. Sarfoa won the most eloquent

Sarfoa from the Ashanti region wins the most eloquent

3. Manu won the star performer

Manu wins star performer for the second time



Sadly, August 15, 2021, was the end of the road for the Ahafo region’s Akua.
Akua has joined Esi (Western North Representative) and Tamah ((North East Region Representative) who were evicted on 8th August 2021.



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