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GMB 2021: Manu tells the history of Asankran Breman, reveals why dogs have black lips and brown skin.

15th August 2021 was TV3 fifth GMB 2021 live performance. It was the time of storytelling. Storytelling is part of Ghanaian culture. Stories are woven into the history of our times.  In the olden days, people sat around campfires in the night to listen to stories that communicated meanings into their lives. The contestants told unique stories about their region. Manu who is representing the Western Region told a story of how the people of Asankran Breman settled and how they got the name “Breman”.

According to Manu, there lived a king called Nana Tweneboah Ntow, the first king of Asankran Breman. This man was so great that he had a lot of enemies coming after him. The King loved animals. He never migrated without animals. From Akyem Kyereso, the king moved with dogs, cats and fowls. The dog played a vital role in helping the people escaped from their enemies. The dog always sensed danger and barked around to give a signal to the chief. The King then moved his people until they finally found a haven in the Western Region.

The King said, ” yabrɛ mu ansa na yɛnya man” ( We have suffered before forming this community). That is why the town is called “Breman”.

When they settled, out of gratitude, the king promised to feed the animals and protect them as well.

As a farming community, before they go to the farm, they prepared rice and palm nut soup so that when they return, they will have something to feast on. Rice and palm nut soup is one of the favourite dishes of the Wassa people. They always gave half of the food to the animals.

One fateful day, the dog complained of having a stomach bug. So they decided to leave the dog behind. When they returned from the farm, the Breman people were enjoying their food whilst the animals had no food to eat because the food belonging to the animals was nowhere to be found.

The dog had spread rumours that he saw one of the Breman people taking the food belonging to the animals and adding to theirs.

They gathered and marched to the king. The King was furious because he thought he had broken his promise. The King was sad.

Inasmuch as he loved the animals, he knew and loved his people as well. He knew that his people could never do that to him.

The King was found in a conundrum, so to find the truth, the king decided to set the fire of truth that everybody was supposed to dance and jump over. They took turns as they sang and danced.

Because the dog had earlier complained of sickness, they prepared a medicine for the dog to get healed and fit for the test. Just when they thought the dog had jumped over the fire, it fell into the fire. And the fire burnt his mouth and part of its body.

This is why dogs have black lips and brown skin.

Manu said the moral of the story is honesty. She added that the gun is a very powerful tool, but telling the truth can save you from it as well as other calamities.




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