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GMB 2021: Watch Manu’s Stellar Performance on puberty rites [ Bragoro]

TV3 live performance for the 2021 Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) continued today, 25 July 2021. Today is the second live performance of GMB 2021.

The contestants portrayed their unique cultural elements from their regions.

22-year-old Manu is representing the Western Region. Juliana Akosua Manu Afful hopes to create awareness about menstrual health.

Manu again proved that the best comes from the West. Tonight she performed on
Puberty rites, known as  “Bragoro” among the Akans. Puberty rites (Bragoro) are cultural events that mark one’s transition into maturity. The Bragoro which is also referred to as Brapue is conducted after a girl’s first menstruation. Typically, it’s the girl’s mother who announces the news as she prepares for the ceremony. A girl who is set to be initiated is called Sakyima or Brani.

Manu displayed mixed feelings associated with Bragoro. She said Bragoro has some psychological and emotional effects on the girl. She further demonstrated that eggs inserted in the private part of the girlchild has some health implications and also bring trauma to the girl.


Watch her performance below






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