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How safe is the tablet? Census officer asks a colleague involved in an accident. Watch the videos


The conduct of the 2021 Population and Housing Census(PHC) will provide an indispensable framework in using administrative data to track the national, regional and global development agendas namely the coordinated programme of Economics and Social Development Policies, the Africa Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals( SDGs).

There has been a paradigm shift in the way the census was conducted. That is from traditional paper questionnaires to mobile devices.
Census officials went through rigorous training to gather accurate data for Ghana Statistical Service(GSS). During the training, ethical issues concerning respondents were taught. A lot of rules were given to Census officials concerning the use of equipment given to them to carry the task.
Much concern was directed to the use of the tablet. Census officers were told to protect the tablet like their lives in case of accident or any unforeseen circumstances. GSS doesn’t want to lose data that has not been synchronized to the national level. “No matter what happens, prevent the tablet from damage; if you are drowning in a river, hold the tablet up or make it float on the river”, census officers were told.

This message has eaten deep into the minds of census officials, and they are protecting the tablet with all their might. On 23rd June 2021, a friend of mine was involved in an accident on his way to chalk structures. But when my friend called, he was worried about the tablet that had the screen broken more than his life.

A video where a census officer fell in an attempt to jump a gutter has emerged online. Before she jumped, the officer who was reporting the incident cautioned her friend to be careful with the tablet since the government won’t spare them in case of any unintended damage.  Unfortunately, the officer slipped and fell in the mud. The one who was reporting the incident asked her colleague on the ground whether the tablet was safe? One would have thought she would find out if her friend sustained injuries.

Watch the videos below


Pazionglobalnews.com has been monitoring activities of census officials and all indications show that some of the officers, particularly those in the rural areas are going through the mill. Working for the country has not been an easy task at all.


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