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I am shy and reserved; many people will not believe it-Sam George


Sam George has dominated the social media space once again with his usual controversial and reaction demanding posts. Sam George has earned himself the necessary attention he needs and deserves to push his agenda in the country but this fame is like a two-sided or edged sword.

Sam George is treated differently by the masses who support the lesbian and gay marriage or relationship simplified as the LGBTQ, or by the masses who do not support and are seriously against the practice and support the bill that is set against it.

A few of the qualities that many people who are following Sam George and his works are saying is that the man is fearless, bold or courageous and very confident as well as passionate about what he does. This is the quality that recently pushed Gabby Otchere into claiming he is the one who should be made a candidate by the NDC.

But the shocking words from Sam George himself suggests that the man needs to be heard from several other angles. He has said over and over again that he is not a hateful person.

The only reason why Sam George claims he is fighting this fight for Ghanaians is because of what he believes in as a person of state and a person who believes in the rights to proper sexual practices.

Sam George says this is the only reason why the LGBTQ society is also fighting for its legalization. And this is because everyone is pushing for what he or she believes in. As a result, people should not see him as a hateful person.

Sam George hid the shy and reserved part of him.  He has made these facts about him and added that many people would not believe it until they get to know him personally.





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