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I Don’t Want A Bigger Manhood, If I Come And It’s Big I Won’t “Chop” – Slay Queen Reveals On Live TV.


In recent times, we have seen ladies who pride and call themselves slay queens coming boldly on Television stations to ask for the “services” of young men. The question which has lingered on the minds of many people is that, “why are they doing that?”. The answer is simple, these ladies do want quick money which they do not want to work hard for.

We have chanced on a video that is wildly circulating on Instagram. The video is bout one slay queen called Abena Dollar who appeared on the Adult show dubbed “Odonkomopa” on Angel TV. The lady revealed to the host of the show that she is into the ookup business. According to her, she can service all men but the ones with bigger “machines” are lacking a lot because she doesn’t service those with bigger manhood.

She revealed that she is capable of dealing with the medium ones but the bigger ones are a “no go” area for her

After Abena Dollar made this statement on the show, a lot of people have reacted to it.


Watch the video here;




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