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I Got Angry Because, Despite His Boasting, His Thing Was Short; It Couldn’t Even Get Inside Me -Lady


There are some guys who like bragging to ladies they love even though they are not endowed with huge things to perform in bed. These guys raise the expectation of these ladies very high but in the end, disappoint them with their small and short things.

A lady has narrated how a guy who has been proposing to her for a very long time disappointed her with his small and short manhood. She said that there was this guy in their area that he always disturb her that he loves her and that he will shift her womb if he get the chance to sleep with her.

The lady said that she finally agreed to this guy’s proposal so he invited her to her room one day. In the process of the guy getting undressed, she realized that this guy’s ‘penis’ is too small inside his boxer. But it didn’t discourage her because there are some guys whose things are like that when it has not been erected but when it gets erected you will see the real size and thickness.

But in the process of the sexual intercourse, she realized that what she saw in the guy’s boxer is the actual size of the guy’s manhood. So this guy actually ‘chopped’ and released his ‘sperms’ in between his thighs because his thing did not get inside her womanhood. The lady said that she became so angry because this is a guy who has proposing to her for a very long time and at the same time bluffing that she will shift her womb.

The lady concluded that she needed to cum so she actually let this guy lie down during the second round and ‘chop’ this guy herself. Even with that, this guy’s thing was not getting anywhere but she managed to cum in the end.



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