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If you want God to bless you and prosper you…


Wish others well. Jealousy blocks God’s blessings. Have peace of God in your heart. Be humble. Jesus said the meek will inherit the earth. Doors of breakthrough open for the humble. Give God the glory. Don’t brag about how you are a self-made man. Pride brings down princes.

Watch what you say. You’ll never get the blessings you attack. Your words can make or break you into pieces. Keep hope alive even in tough circumstances. Do your part and leave the results to God. Don’t try shortcuts. Ill-gotten wealth will be spent in hospitals and repairing broken homes.

Give generously. When you clench your fist, you obstruct the flow of blessings. Loosen your hand to receive and to give. Be a never-ending stream of blessings. Refuse to be always on the receiving end. It doesn’t matter how little you have. Giving is an attitude of the heart. Giving reveals the condition of your heart.

Don’t worship work. Working 24/7 is idolatry. If your work stops you from setting one day a week apart for God and rest, money is your god. When your mission on earth is chasing money, you’ll neither have enough nor be satisfied with life. You don’t have more needs than the rest of us – you’re practising idolatry. Money is your idol. Repent and let God be God in your life.



Source: DR. K. N. JACOB


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