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It’s the rider’s fault’ – Motorcycle rider confirmed dead after Spintex Coca-Cola head-on collision


Confirming to the police, Ibrahim Somiala, a 34-year-old shoe seller who witnessed the accident yesterday evening, confirmed that, the rider of the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle could have slowed down, and that could have prevented the accident but he didn’t and crashed into his death at the Spintex Coca-Cola junction. The unidentified rider was injured from the head despite wearing a helmet.


The rider’s head smashed the windscreen of the Kia Bongo truck leading to three minor cuts on the back of his head, ear and chin, and a heavy cut on his forehead. The heavy cut from his forehead caused his death as the health officials of Spintex Community Hospital confirmed. If not for the opened cuts on his forehead, he would have survived and we would have been able to operate on him but the open cut had already been infected and most of the cells dead before his arrival to the hospital, Dr Fin Blanks of Spintex Community Hospital narrated to the police before the body was taken to the mortuary.

While the rider of the Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle has been confirmed dead, the driver of the Kia Bongo truck is still in the intensive care unit of Spintex Community Hospital waiting for surgeries this morning. The front wheels of the motorcycle pressed through the windshield of the Kia Bongo truck driver’s chest causing lots of broken rib bones.

The driver was taken from the car with the help of a stretcher from the National Ambulance Service at Spintex Community Hospital before they were able to rescue him alive. His pulses were alive but his body was presumed dead before he was rushed to the hospital for emergency needs. The driver would survive due to the first aid tools the ambulance service used in rescuing him from the car. Though X-rays doesn’t look good but the broken rib bones have not been damaged completely, and that will save his life, Dr Fin added to his police report.

According to preliminary investigations conducted from the accident scenes from Manet Police Officer Derrick Wamiba, the motorcycle rider was riding with an average speed of 65-90km/h and that caused the accident. The rider could have slowed down when he came suddenly to the Kia Bongo truck, but because of the high speed he was riding on, he couldn’t halt his breaks and crashed into the truck.

The rider, coming from Street 7 to the Coca-Cola junction refused to stop behind the traffic and tried making a bypass from the traffic cars at the junction in other to get onto the main Spintex road. He crashed into the Kia truck as soon as he got onto the main road. This accident could have been prevented if the rider had slowed down and followed the traffic rules. It’s the rider’s fault, not the Kia driver, Somiala Ibrahim confirmed to officer Derrick Wamiba after the accident.

Both the motorcycle and Kia Bongo truck has been cleared off the road while the surviving victim, the driver of the car undertakes surgery today for broken rib bones.
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