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JUST IN: Soldier shoots motorcyclist For Riding Near A Bullion Van


A motorcyclist was allegedly shot by a soldier in a military pick-up vehicle moving behind a bullion van on Friday at East Legon in Accra.

It is, however, yet to be ascertained whether the military pick-up was providing protection to the bullion van.

A bystander, who witnessed the shooting incident said the soldier after shooting the cyclist did not stop the pick-up truck but carried on behind the van.

“I saw a bullion van coming and behind it was a military pickup. It had a couple of officers at the back. A few seconds later, I saw a biker behind me, and he rode and came next to me trying to give way to the bullion van, and all I heard was a gunshot. A soldier behind the pickup truck shot the biker. They never stopped and drove off. As to what the soldier saw before he shot, I don’t know,” an eyewitness said.

Another team of police officers present at the scene chased after the vehicle but could not catch up.

The motorcyclist, who was hit by the bullet was rushed to the Bloom Medical Centre for treatment. He sustained gunshot wounds on the hand.

Meanwhile, he says he does not recall being in the way of the bullion van nor the military pick-up.

“I don’t know what I did wrong at that point… I didn’t block them,” he said.

He has since been given a police medical form for further treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

Meanwhile, a brother of the victim who is with him at the health facility but wants to remain anonymous, said he “he is getting better”.


Source: mynewsghana


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