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Ladies, don’t waste your youth on drama. Powerful advice that should be your guide to walk by in 2022-Anerl

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I’m wondering what’s the sense of having a boyfriend. A boyfriend that at the end of the day, he can’t even lift the burden off your parents by assisting with paying your fees. A boyfriend who can’t help you excel in your studies by buying you books. A boyfriend who wouldn’t even shop provision for you. A boyfriend who doesn’t support your ideas and goals as if he doesn’t find it feasible.

A boyfriend who only talks and does nothing. And I mean nothing, nothing about his own life, talk less of less of yours. Like, ask yourself, what contribution does he make to your life? What significant contribution? He doesn’t talk doubts out of you and fire you up with motivation. He doesn’t actually check on you to see how far you’re going with school or the skills you’re acquiring. He doesn’t ask for ways he can be of help …All he does is baby “I miss you” come and let’s make out.

Mmmm look, you are very powerful. God has created you wonderfully and fearfully. Power exists with you. Girls are powerful forces, powerful beings. Girls are way capable than they ever think cause God himself has made them in His image. Always listen to your instincts, listen to your higher self. Don’t ignore your intuition. It is a way God talk to you and directs you. That guy, if he is just wasting your time, you feel it. Your instincts just tell you this guy has nothing good to offer. Don’t hesitate. Don’t doubt your instincts.

Instead of messing your life up with multiple relationships with sex involved, a web of exes, drama, fighting that girl who is seeing your guy, screaming, arguing, crying getting depressed, breaking up and cheating …Look sis, invest that energy into something useful and you will never regret it. If you’re a student, focus on being the best. If you’re into business, invest, use the internet, learn marketing from the internet, educate yourself, honey.

Add more value to yourself never stop learning. Be useful to yourself and others. You are capable of doing a lot of things. You can be a doctor at the same time know how to do your manicure and pedicures by yourself. Use the internet to learn how to style hair, cook various dishes, make ups anything. Youtube has a lot of good things you can learn there. You can subscribe to Maya Galore on YouTube and you will thank me later. Be more, Be extra. Learn another language using the internet. Add value to yourself.

Stop wasting your youth on drama, please. Get wise, try to earn money and save. Do an insurance policy. You are not too young to save 7 years straight without touching. Challenge yourself. And stop messing with fuckboys baby girl. They’re not gonna help you. They’re gonna mess you up. Be the kind of man you want to marry. The gentleman needs an elegant, sensible lady. That rich man needs a calculative, smart lady. That responsible man you want needs an equally responsible and honourable lady.

Chase your dreams, not boys, open books, not legs. Fight your bad habits, not those girls your boy keeps chatting with. Listen whatever you will be in 10years time depends on your company today. Ask yourself who are your friends? Who do you talk to? Who do you associate with? Who is your role model, slay queens or accomplished people? Who do you listen to? What do you watch? Kumkum Bhagya or Ted talk? What book do you read …Hmmm.

To stay in line, always assess yourself and ask yourself, would I want my daughter to grow and do what I’m doing right now? Is this how I want my daughter to be when she grows up? And if you are dating a guy ask yourself “would I want my son to grow up and be exactly like his father”? If the answer doesn’t sound pleasant to you then there you have it.


Mavis Ankomah-Anerl, Prince Ayerakwa-contributor.




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