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Ladies, it’s okay not to be married – Uncle Ebo Whyte advocates self-worth

On the authority of Uncle Ebo Whyte, a woman does not need a man to enjoy the good life because she is complete with or without a man. And thus, marriage should not be a do-or-die affair for women.

Discussing with Berla Mundi on TV3 NewDay, Uncle Ebo Whyte explained that the pressure to get married clouds a woman’s judgement. He said that women would ignore red flags in their relationships just to be married.

He said, “Unfortunately, too many ladies allow society’s pressure to get to them. It’s unfortunate. They shouldn’t.

I think it’s about time we teach women to also understand that it’s okay not to be married. It is okay. You are complete without a man. And if all ladies can communicate to the men in their lives that, you know something, I am so glad you are in my life, but without you, I will have a fantastic life. If we can communicate that. We would have better relationships. Instead of, “if you leave me, I will kill myself.”

He further clarified the above statement in a nature-stimulated scenario about human behaviour towards demand and supply. In simple terms, he demonstrated that high demand would most likely lead to an increased desire to hoard to gain superiority in the situation.

“The human nature being what it is whenever you show that you need something badly from somebody that is when he would withhold it from you. Pretend you don’t need it, and he will be chasing you with it, Oh don’t you want it.

“If you think the pressure that they put on you to get married is bad, think about the stress of being married to a twerp. And as I tell my adopted daughters, please don’t marry the kind of man you find yourself apologizing to your children for. Some mothers are always apologizing to their child for the kind of fathers they gave them,” Uncle Ebo Whyte concluded.





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