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Leave the Game to Them

Leave the Game to its key players!
What have we than unwillingly say yes
And stay back and watch them strike and kick
And giggle in the wealth meant for us all to lick?

Save your strength and so do your time
For your tasks ahead need a great might.
After placing heart and blood on the line
Just to push them to the seats of heights
Our reward is pain, toils and hunger-sighs

When the zest for power swallows their heads
They wander like lions and tigers in wild deserts
Rather not to devour but to make humble requests
Theirs tongues as sweet as honey and melon
Their mouths as wide as that of King Kong
From which empty words roll and roll and fall

Greedy wolfs in the pen of innocent sheep!
Wealthy monsters that pay not a little heed!
Black beings raised in black senses in black worlds!
Bloodsuckers and vampires in the streets of no fence!
Power-seekers wired with veins and minds of destruction!
Senseless intellectuals; uneducated literates of no mission!

They come creeping in useless humility
Promising unseen Heaven on blameless earth
Giving assurances of change and wellbeing overnight
Only to later point to us our wise stupidity
Old men and women devoid of passion and care
For the success of the young who are the nation’s light!

Leave the Game to them — its key players!
You needn’t wrestle for them to grab unbefitting power
That fights for no freedom nor justice in any hour
It’s better to be under our washroom showers
Cooling off our mind and setting it for godly prayers
They can’t help us!
Our help lies up!

K a a k y i r e C a l e b


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