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Life: If you are between 21 and 39 years of age….


DON’T expect others to fix your problems. Many millennials feel entitled to everyone’s assistance. In an attempt to give you a better life, many of your parents spoilt you. You have a low tolerance for pain. You resign at the least provocation. Many of you cannot sustain a job or a business. The few among you who go the extra mile rise to senior positions in the corporate world by the age of thirty-five.

And because you’re a very impatient generation, many of you hardly sustain any meaningful relationship. Married and single alike, friendship and sex are synonymous to you. You easily go to bed with someone you barely know. Then you wonder why you’ve severe stress levels. Besides, you’re weak in stress management and many of you are wrestling with depression. The majority of suicides are in this age bracket.

Unable to cordially deal with your challenges, many of you are very abusive. You hurl insults at anyone on social media. Courtesy and ethics are foreign to many of you. Your closest companion is your phone. Your drug is the internet. While you are active on social media, you’re the most isolated generation. Also, you believe in instant solutions. I wonder how you’re raising your kids.

Go back to humanity’s traditional values. There’s no free lunch in life. Work for what you want. You’re not entitled to anybody’s help. Produce before you consume. Buy what you need, not what your friend has. Be patient with people. Commit to the love of your life. Porn, casual sex and addiction to the internet will destroy your career and relationships. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

You grew up in Sunday school – stop pretending that you’re an alcoholic. Stop denying who you are and go back to church! You cannot outgrow God. Stop running away from God. Soon, you’ll encounter Him.



Source: DR. K. N. JACOB


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