Courtesy is the showing of politeness in one’s attitude and behaviour towards others.

The ingredients of courtesy are politeness, courteousness, good manners, civility, respect, deference, good breeding, gentility, graciousness, kindness, consideration, thoughtfulness, cordiality, affability, urbanity, polish, refinement, courtliness, discretion, decency,

The rules of courtesy have evolved with human beings. Even though the life of technology and its accompanying social media life have relegated these norms to the ground in many societies, courtesy is a generational culture and it’s of paramount importance to peaceful and harmonious living. Below are some life principles of courtesy one should adopt in their daily endeavours.

Stand when talking with your seniors. Give up your seat for the elderly. Never exchange words with your parents even if they’re wrong. Clarify your point another day when temperatures cool down. Don’t pocket or chew gum while addressing people in public. Waiting for others to finish their point doesn’t kill. Wait for others during meals. Give than thanks before eating. You can do better than a hyena. Eat moderately.

Learn to share the road. Stop hooting unnecessarily. Be patient with others. Never pee nor dump by the roadside. Be considerate of fellow humans. Don’t squeeze in a narrow entrance. Learn to give way. Hold doors open if others are behind you and never jump the queue. Always be civil and orderly. Knock before entering. I mean, knock gently. Co your mouth when sneezing or coughing.

Ask before taking. But in somebody’s house, don’t ask for stuff simply because you saw it. That’s not a supermarket. Don’t share somebody’s phone number without their consent. Don’t take a front seat unless invited. Don’t gatecrash parties you’re not invited to. Don’t stand too close to a stranger. Respect their personal space. And never point at people. Make your point without pointing.

Smile if you make eye contact with someone. Address people by their names. Calling people by their name strikes a rapport with them. If someone uplifts your spirit, compliment them. Stop being mean. Don’t attack people on social media. Bringing someone else down does not lift you. Disagree respectfully. Say ‘sorry,’ ‘please,’ ‘excuse me’ and ‘thank-you’ effortlessly when needs are.

Practice these things and teach them to your children!




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