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Masturbation Uncovered


Masturbation goes hand in hand with pornography. Chronic masturbation can affect your ability to get an erection when you are with someone. Over time these things rewire your brain to what you see on the screen. And it also leads to the depletion of zinc.
Over time you see u find it hard to get and maintain an erection. You end up ejaculating with speed because masturbation has rewired ur brain to the fastest route. In the end, your confidence is in the mud and that’s is the start of masturbation induced erectile dysfunction (ED).
Yes. It can be reversed. You can get back your erection but it is going to take you some work. You worked to lose it. You have to work to get it back.

1. Stay away from sex for 2wks – 1month. All forms of sex. Remember you are trying to rewire your brain. It has been wired to quick ejaculation, to masturbation and pon. It has been wired to what you have been feeding it.

2. Take a 30mins-1hour walk daily. Register in a gym. Lift weights. These things help boost ur testosterone level.

3. Do squats. It’s very good. Kegel exercises are good. They help ur pelvic floor muscles which play a big role in your erection. This will help you have and maintain a very strong erection.

4. Diet. Eat good food. Eggs, yoghurt. Banana. This stuffs are good.

5. Supplement zinc.
Within a month of doing this thing, your erection will be as good as new and you did be back. Stay off masturbation and pornography for good. Do it for yourself.



Dr Albert Donkor


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