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Midlife crises: If you are between 40 and 60

If you are between 40 and 60, and life is full of regrets. Guilt haunts you. You feel empty, bored and lack meaning. You feel worthless. You’ve lost interest in life. You are debt ridden and you can’t see a way out of your financial mess. You’ve messed up your relationships. Loved ones have either deserted you or threatening to do so. You’re going through midlife crisis but you don’t have to kill others because the years haven’t been kind to you.

Men going through midlife crisis lack sleep but dread getting out of bed. They lose interest with work and idle aimlessly. Some lose interest in sex with their partner while they outrightly sleep with multiple women. Many become highly irritable, complain endlessly and compare themselves with other men.

Women going through midlife crisis withdraw from their social circles and can easily sleep with any man. Others experience painful menstrual cycles and abrupt mood swings. But women whose partners have their act together hardly go through midlife crisis. Lonely single ladies and women in toxic relationships are more vulnerable to this psychological disaster that attack middle-aged people.

Midlife crisis is a depressive disorder usually caused by lack of accomplishments in life. If I’ve described you, accept that you need help. Look for a life coach or a mentor. Take a day at a time but don’t accept your situations as binding. Your dreams are still valid and it’s never too late to recast your vision. Be kind to yourself and others. Live and let live, and don’t make hasty decisions.

Be careful if you’re living with someone who is losing it. Some kill their partners when they’re unable to continue the fight. If you find your partner with drastic change of behavior and cheating on you openly… if they’ve become impulsive and taking rash actions… if they are full of jealous and keep comparing themselves with others… they may have been hit by the poisonous midlife arrow. Discuss with them and seek external help. Too much pressure leads to self-destruction and hostility towards others.




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