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Next time don’t introduce yourself as a Kenyan – ‘Embarrassed’ Kenyans disown CNN Journalist over LGBTQI


Some Kenyans on social media have urged a Kenyan CNN Journalist Larry Madowo to stop introducing himself as a Kenyan.

This comes at the back of a contentious interview the journalist, Larry Madowo had with Ghanaian Member of Parliament Sam George on the raging debate on criminalizing same-sex activities in Ghana.

Sam George, Member of Parliament(MP) for Ningo-Prampram has been the lead advocate for a private members bill before the Ghanaian Parliament which when passed into law, will prescribe harsher punishments on persons who engage in Gay, Lesbian and Transgender related activities.

An interview on a CNN talk show dubbed The Exchange, the Ghanaian MP defended his position for the passage of the bill and subtly questioned the journalist’s level of understanding of the bill.

In an attempt by Larry Madowo to suggest to the Ghanaian MP that the bill was a reflection of hate for LGBTQI persons in Ghana, the response from Sam George indicated that such an assertion was defeatist and a show of ignorance on the part of the CNN show host.

“I’m not an American, I’m African. I’m from Kenya,” Larry Madowo told his interviewee in response to an assertion that he [Larry] was trying to import American values into Ghana.

However, some Kenyans who have rained praises on the Ghanaian lawmaker for a brilliant submission on the subject matter of LGBTQI say the journalist is an embarrassment to their country and Africa.

In their view, the posturing of Larry Madowo on the subject matter of LGBTQI is shameful because it is a culture that is uncultured.

“Not every mp is Baba Yao or Oscar Sudi…next time do ur background checks well. The Ghanian MP proved too smart for u. …..again, whenever ur discussing such funny and illegal issues, kindly don’t introduce yourself as a Kenyan. Just say ur name and go ahead,” a Kenyan social media user posted.

“That’s true bro. Larry is unbecoming and should disassociate with Kenya when talking of such uncultured culture,” another commented.





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