Dear Mr President, on this day 21st August 2021, I write this letter for your reading pleasure and also to remind you of your promises.
NK ODURO is my name and I’m a staunch member of the New Patriotic Party as my father’s before me.

Not only do I hail from the same Town(Kyebiri) as you, but I also share the same family clan and values with you. I’m your biggest “one man supporter” and have never regretted campaigning and voting for you all these years just to see you on the seat of government!!

In 2008 when you said you were coming to transform Ghana and make her the centre of attraction in Africa, I believed you. Also when you remarked that you are not coming for Ghana’s money and resources to enrich yourself, but rather wants to leave a legacy that would last a lifetime like Nkrumah, I became obsessed with your spirit of selflessness!!!

Moreover in 2012, when you lost the election, I wept!!
This is because I have always believed in you and your policies. After all, I knew your competencies way before you became the flagbearer of the party.
Therefore in 2016 when you finally won the battle, I jubilated the whole night and couldn’t sleep out of excessive joy!!

Truly speaking, you’ve delivered on a lot of your promises. From Free SHS, Planting for Food and Jobs, NABCO, Payment of Nursing and Teacher Training Allowances, Digitization, Paperless Port, Ambulances for the Health care sector, 1D1F etc, for which Ghanaians applauds you for and would remember for years to come!!
BUT, yes there is a BUT. Please wait for it.


Sir, you once made a statement that “Yɛte sika so no ɛkom de yɛn”. Well, Mr President, we can’t see the money oo. I mean we are rather experiencing the “3kom” only at a time that you are in charge of affairs. Please do something!!

The economy is so hard now that the ordinary citizen is living on credit to survive. Mr President, when you were exercising your constitutional mandate by increasing the percentage of salaries, You increased yours by 79%, that of your ministers by 57% and left the public who are rather pressured by the system and already suffering to the mercy of 4% and I want to know why.

Is it the case that you’ve forgotten about the plight of the people soo soon?? I thought you said you are not in for the money but the interest of the nation and even promised a hold up of your salary for some time because of Covid. Or this is a payback profit.

Mr President, Upon my Research and careful observation, I chanced on something funny but serious!!
Errhm is this not the same Sheikh Ahmed Dalmook Al Maktoum who was involved in the $510million Ameri deal under the erstwhile Mahama’s government?? I mean upon which a delegation was sent to scrutinize the deal proper with lawyer Addison and co.

So the question is, what on earth would make us do business with a perceived “fraudulent” businessman?? I mean on a sensitive subject like Covid?? The man is even wanted by the Norwegian Government.

Mr president for the sake of accountability and goodwill, please don’t let this slide easily but deal with the Health minister Hon. Kweku Agyeman Manu well for us.
Yes, I’m aware the Sheikh has refunded the $2,470,000 to us but still, we want justice to be served!!

MR. President as a communicator, I used to defend our government with all my might and strength, some of which resulted in violence. All for the unfounded love I have for you and the party. But unfortunately, I can’t say the same today and this phenom is fast spreading among NPP communicators across the country.
Well, maybe the others may not be bold as I’m to come out but I know per your observation, you’ve seen that the various communicators have become adamant of late. Why? because not only are we hungry, but it is also difficult to defend the indefensible.

To conclude, it is my wish and desire for us to break the “8” hence I would plead with you and your appointees to get back to the original plan; thus to serve the people of Ghana.
Also with the MMDCEs list, please it’s high time you released it because we can’t wait any longer.
More so, there is a certain loyal son of yours in Ashaiman by the name “Alhaji Labarran Yakubu Barry”, the grassroots Man. He deserves the MCE if the parliamentary seat of Ashaiman is to be won.

Thank you


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