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Oswald reminds us how to appreciate exceptional human beings- Manasseh Azure

It is possible to highlight the plight of poor and deprived children and at the same time celebrate the achievements of privileged children.

Let us not downplay the excellence and achievement of rich kids, for not every rich kid is a whiz kid.

And it’s not a sin to be born privileged.

Our elders say—and it’s true— that a child born on an anthill doesn’t struggle to grow tall. But it isn’t a given that excellence and exceptional display of talent or knowledge belong only to those with the best starts in life.

If that were the case, some of us wouldn’t have ever qualified to compete in the Olympics of life and would have been forever consigned to the fringes of our respective careers.

Those from privileged backgrounds must learn to know. The discipline and regimental schedules some of these rich kids are subjected to when it comes to learning may not be tolerated by the average child in our society.

So their success isn’t automatic. And not all children from rich homes excel.

There are children in better schools than Oswald who cannot write what he wrote or reason in a way that will melt the hearts of their audience.

Let’s also cut the corporate bodies some slack. The spontaneous reactions and jostling for attention and brand association did not first consider the supposedly privileged background of Oswald.

Besides, beyond paying taxes, MTN, Vodafone and many of these brands have built schools, health facilities, provided water and lifted communities out of poverty through their corporate social responsibilities. Why must they be faulted for celebrating Oswald because your irresponsible governments have over the years neglected the needs of society?

Finally, it is possible to celebrate Oswald and also celebrate the girl who appeared on Berla Mundi’s show. It mustn’t always be a binary, “either-or” situation. The sky is big enough to accommodate all the birds that can fly high.

(But for Oswald, I may never have heard about Berla Mundi’s interview with that girl).

What people may give more attention to cannot be controlled by the application of common sense or what someone thinks is more important.

In the world of social media, the most sensible or most important things don’t always trend or get attention.

And emotions grip tighter than science.

If you are not touched by what Oswald wrote, I cannot force you to celebrate him. But those who feel touched don’t need your permission to do so because you think otherwise.

I am proud of Oswald. Teachers all over the country, whose anonymous and thankless toils have created national and international heroes, should be proud and associate with Mrs Appiah.

If Oswald has taught us nothing at all, he reminds us of how to appreciate these exceptional human beings who hardly appear on our lists of gratitude when we shine at the podium recognition.

Long live Oswald. Long live the Mrs Appiahs of our lives.

The photo of the deprived school is like an African proverb; its owner isn’t immediately known.


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