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Pictures+Videos: Asankrangwa town in flames, stores burnt


Stores along Presby and hospital junction on the main road of Asankrangwa were left to burn today. The fire started around 4:00 pm.

Though cannot be independently established as to what exactly triggered the outbreak, intelligence gathered could be as a result of electrical malfunctions within one of the stores.

Nyansabuakwa Samingo, an eyewitness report that the fire started from Akroma boutique just a few meters in front of the fire service office then later transferred to an electrical shop close to the fire source.
The fire service time of arrival was late meanwhile the scene was just close to their arena. Their car was welcomed with a loud voice of insults from onlookers amidst hooting to register their displeasure about how they conducted their business around the clock today.
What was more surprising was the fact that the fire service had no water in their tank to help quickly quench the fire. As onlookers tried their best by throwing sachet water into the fire, the fire extended and burnt into ashes a cocoa buying store. The cocoa scale, bags of cocoa, and other personal belongings and properties were also burnt.

From the videos below observers were making a mockery of the Asankrangwa Fire Service Department since they did not have water to stop the fire. This made the fire escalate causing a lot of damages.

Watch the videos below



Fire outbreaks are becoming a common phenomenon in Ghana in recent times. The Fire Service Department is the institution responsible for addressing issues relating to fire. The Ghana National Fire Service is required to provide adequate protection of life and property and sensitize and provide technical assistance and advice to schools, markets, MMDAs, lorry parks and other institutions nationwide on fire safety measures. The major programme and project assigned to the Service are Fire Management, Rescue and Extrication services
Unfortunately, the Ghana Fire Service is not fully equipped to apprehend these problems ahead of time. Oftentimes, they arrive at the scene and watch properties burnt to ashes because they don’t have the necessary equipment to fight it. Sometimes they even struggle to get water.


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