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Poor as used in this context means to think low, negative thoughts or to succumb to commonalities.  We are in control of creating our own life and success, but whether you win depends on your state of mind. A poor mind always finds people to blame for their inabilities but the rich mind says my effort was not enough or at a highly best, so next time, I need to put in more effort. A poor mind believes that everything happens for a reason and used that as an excuse for their “stupid decisions”. They don’t take control of their lives. To the poor minds, life is a perchance. The poor mind sees minor inconveniences in their life as a bigger challenge when people just like him have walked that path and come out successfully. So what the poor mind sees as an obstacle, the rich mind sees that as a stepping stone.


Many people need mental emancipation because changing your mindset will change your life.
God did not put us on the road of chances. It is all about a mental decision to act one way or another.
Your mind is your world, take control of it. The quality of your thought determines the quality of your life. A poor mind thinks half a loaf is better than none. But does that mean you should accept the loaf even if it is rotten?. Absolutely no.

When you live on the positive mental plane, positive things happen in your life. So you have to think positive, dance positive, eat positive, dress positive, talk positive. Your ability to succeed should be greater than your fears, so take away fears from your mind because fears in your mind will result in your suffering.
A poor mind has low self-esteem, a poor mind spend most of their time talking about others; a poor mind easily gives up, poor minds do not have a tenacious spirit.

Fill your minds with thoughts of abundance and prosperity instead of using a minor inconvenience as an excuse to beg for help. If you believe that nothing is impossible, then you effectively mobilize all your spiritual, emotional, and physical energies towards the realization of set goals and objectives.
Notable winners do not use “life is not fair” as an excuse, they fought hard and believed that the universe is always working in one’s favour. Yes, you may not have a lot of control over what happens to you, but you do have a lot of control over how you respond. And when you change the way you look at a certain situation, what you look at begins to change. Work hard and make things happen.

Being a slave to one’s thought is the greatest tragedy.

To be rich, think richness, and to be great think greatness. Don’t settle for less, you were born great.

Prince Ayerakwa



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