1. Love can only be beautiful if you meet someone whose belief is congruous to your own. Only through that can you go farther in the journey of love. Anything less will turn love into a tragedy (Prince Ayerakwa)

2. The road to success is never smooth, but if your burning desire to succeed is greater than your fears, then the destination becomes memorable and worth living (Prince Ayerakwa)

3. Be mindful of people who suddenly parade themselves as friends, for some people only become friends when it’s convenient for them (Prince Ayerakwa)

4. Don’t be worried about individual opinions about you. Know that the world is increasingly defined by a plurality of worldviews and perceptions (Prince Ayerakwa)

5. A meaningful life is not measured by the number of academic certificates one has acquired. Neither is it measured by fame nor materialistic possessions. Trace ancient footsteps, explore and you will find out that it’s about love, leaving footprints in the hearts of people and making each day count (Prince Ayerakwa)

6. Whenever you feel like giving up, just reflect on yourself and consider how far you have come. Then say to yourself “I must complete the journey” (Prince Ayerakwa)

7. Whenever you are going through pains in life, Know that pain means;
Irrespective of
Never give up until you achieve your goal. I understand it’s gonna be hard on the way, but hard does not mean impossible (Prince Ayerakwa)


8. If you want to go very far in life, take bold decisions. I mean those decisions that will Pierce your heart like how David’s stone penetrated Goliath’s skull (Nana Adu Rockson)

9. Never choose between good and bad in this life. Always choose what is best over what is good enough. This is the essence of love (Nana Adu Rockson)

10. Victory is more often an inly sensation that is not manifested. It can happen in the spiritual realm but never in the physical (Nana Adu Rockson)

11. Confessions are very important. Sometimes you need to let people know who you are, what you are made of, and what you can do, like how Jesus did to the Pharisees. This is not arrogance. This is the truth! (Nana Adu Rockson)

12. When you succeed, you will lose friends. When you fail, you will lose friends. But never choose failure. Choose success! (Nana Adu Rockson)

13. I know discouragement can be very deadly. It is a dream-killer. But discouragement compelled me to do a lot of things I actually thought I couldn’t do. Whenever someone discourages you, write his or her name down and prove him or her wrong. (Nana Adu Rockson)


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