The recent armed robbery attacks have created a very great predicament in our country. This act, if not taken into consideration, will gain roots and come to stay in our society. This article elaborates on some of the causes, effects and possible remedies of the armed robbery menace.

A lot of people hold different perceptions concerning the causes of this act. Whilst some people believe that the recent armed robbery is “un-Ghanaian”, and should be critically looked at, others have also politicized the whole situation.

The causes of armed robbery are not difficult to determine. The major cause of this situation is unemployment. It will be very unlikely for one with a noble and well-paying job to risk his life by indulging in this deadly act. Unemployed people resort to this act to gain money to fend for themselves and their families. Another leading cause of the menace is the bad nature of our roads. It has been noticed that the operations of armed robbers on passengers are usually carried out on stretches of the road where the roads are in terrible conditions. The robbers exploit the bad nature of the roads for their operations because vehicles are not able to travel fast on such roads.

Armed robbery is on the ascendancy as a result of our security personnel. The police especially, are inadequate and not well equipped. What is more, the police arrive at crime scenes very late? They do not have the necessary technology or equipment to combat this life-threatening situation in our country. There are also very small checkpoints in our communities all because our personnel are inadequate.

This menace cannot be undermined as it has put a lot of people and the country as a whole in uncomfortable situations. A major effect of armed robbery in our country is the destruction of our human resources. A lot of innocent people end up murdered or critically get deformed through armed robbery. The country has lost countless security personnel and civilians to this armed robbery menace. The involvement of people in this act is also another means through which our human resources are lost as these citizens are not being productive to our economy. The destruction of properties is also another effect of armed robbery in our country. Through armed robbery, vehicles are damaged, banks are broken down, homes of people are destroyed. Armed robbers intentionally destroy street lights in their operational areas to create a conducive atmosphere for their activities, especially at night.

The occurrence of armed robbery has created tension and fear in several communities. In communities where armed robbery is highly endemic, people are sometimes afraid to go about their routine activities. People are afraid to go to work and transporting goods have become a headache for traders. This creates losses for our economy. People living in highly residential areas are also affected. They have to waste money to install security cameras and hire security men in their homes which create a lot of inconveniences for people.

Going forward, there is the need to put measures in place to remedy the unfortunate armed robbery situation in our country. A very important action that would be necessary to take is the creation of employment for the youth. Creating sustainable and lucrative jobs for the youth will give them the means of providing for themselves and will therefore not resort to armed robbery for a living.

The government should endeavour to improve the quality of our roads to prevent the incidence of armed robbery on our roads. More personnel should also be recruited to our security agencies. As such, checkpoints will be created at various points in our communities and highways to reduce armed robbery in our communities. There should as well be the procurement of the needed equipment to the security services to help in the combat of armed robbery. Examples of such equipment are guns, bullets, bulletproofs, vehicles and surveillance systems. Culprits of such crimes should also be made to face just trials to deter others from indulging in such dubious acts.

In conclusion, the recent bullion van attack on police officers will be one of the few consequences of the ascendancy of armed robbery in our country if not taken into keen consideration. It is therefore important to take note of the aforementioned causes, effects and remedies to promote peace and sustainable development in our country.



Daniel Yaw Adjei



Daniel Yaw Adjei



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