Prostate related issues are quite complicated in that the organ called the prostate is part of the male reproductive organs ( like the penis, seminal fluid and tube etc ) and situated below the bladder and at the beginning of the junction of the urethra ( the tubes that empty urine from the urinal bladder ).
The main function of the prostate is to help produce seminal fluid that helps in the release of the sperm during sexual intercourse.

There are three main issues with PROSTATE and these are

1. Prostatitis: inflammation of the prostate from infection with signs and symptoms such as difficulty passing urine, fever, pains when ejaculating during sex, and other signs similar to urinary tract infection. Usually, with some analgesic, enough fluids, and some appropriate antibiotics, it can be treated.

2. Prostate enlargement; thus Benign Prostate Hyperplasia [ BPH ].
This is usually an increase in the size of the Prostate as a result of its activities as the muscles constrict and contract all the time in helping in semen and sperm production and expelling etc it gets bigger just as muscles get bigger as it performs repetitive activities. Usually,y BPH gives signs and symptoms such as frequent urination at night, divided stream of urine very common sign, pain in the penis when urinating or ejaculating during sex, waist or pelvic pains, feelings of unemptied bladder and frequency of urine. It can be detected by Prostate test and sometimes prostate scan. The serious complication occurs when the compressing causes urine to be retained in the bladder to cause lower abdominal pain and bladder swelling because of the enlarged prostate with one at opposite sides of the urethra tube pressing on the tube preventing the urine to pass through.

It has no permanent cure except the enlargement may require surgery or operation called Prostatectomy ( removal of it). There are lots of medications given at this stage but they only manage the signs & symptoms.

3. Prostate Cancer or Malignant Prostate also can make the prostate to be enlarged but causes these issues [ bone pains around the waist & spine, compression on the spine, painful urination, erectile dysfunction, bloody urine. Prostate cancer is usually detected by scans, Prostate biopsy and other related examinations.
It’s managed by the cr specialists with chemotherapy & radiotherapy


The treatment depends on any of the three prostate problems but aside from the medical treatment ( medicines ) and the surgery, there are other supportive remedies ( natural remedies ) such as exercise, dietary modification  & the use of water, etc.

1. EXERCISE: Basic exercises such as walking, swimming, jogging & kegel exercise can be helpful.

2. DIET*: Increasing fluids, antioxidant fruits/vegetables such as broccoli, garlic, hibiscus tea, green tea, onion, all the berries. Reducing salt, fat is also very important.


kindly try and do a check-up of your prostate at least yearly.



Dr Albert Donkor


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