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Robbers Raid A Church And Get Head Pastor To do Some Unimaginable Things: Ghana Police React

Robbers have stormed a church and have forced the pastor into doing the unimaginable.

Just when the month began, there were issues of robberies and attacks all over the country. A person will be surprised to hear that a church has been attacked, but this is not any joke.

According to the head pastor of Anointed Hands chapel, these robbers came in purposely for things that they could not imagine.

At Fasiease in the Ashanti region, a pastor named Mark Nana Opoku was under attack from some notorious robbers who have been alleged to be robbing people at a higher rate recently.

For him, the town was a peaceful and a very calm place to be until recently, a group of notorious boys gathered around to inflict pain on innocent people.

From what was described by the victim on Nhyira FM, he was having a Bible studies session with his head pastor when these young men arrived.

They told them to first bring their phones and just when the young pastor decided to speak, they shut him up.

He said that he is a man of God please, but the robbers still asked him to shut up. He claims their looks were intimidating and did not seem like they were ready for a dialogue.

So immediately, they gave out their phones and sat there, after this, one man who according to the narrator had a funny accent that did not sound like an Ashanti asked the pastor to kneel down and face the ground.

He asked the junior pastor to do the same and from the junior pastor, this explains how wicked men have become. They made away with a church keyboard, some other instruments which according to him costs thousands of cedis among others.

People are not afraid of the word of God and neither are they afraid of touching a man of God. He claims he is still traumatized by this horrifying event.
However, the Ashanti regional police command has taken charge of the investigations which is possible to lead them to these suspects.

No names have been attained yet but we are positive about a good job from the Ghana police.


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