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Sefwi Pataboso to Sefwi Kumkumso road in a deplorable state [Video]


Roads connect communities and help people to travel and transport goods and services. Roads open up opportunities and improve the socio-economic lives of the people. Despite the great importance of roads, many roads in Ghana are not accessible, especially in the rainy season.

Many places are cut off any connections during the rainy season. They either get flooded or become muddy.

Sefwi is endowed with natural resources such as gold, bauxite, and timber. With cocoa farming as the main occupation of the people, good roads should be a top priority for the government so that cocoa can easily be transported. The Sefwi land is a great place for investment given that it is blessed with almost all resources there is in Ghana.

Pazionglobalnews.com has sighted a video online showing the deplorable state of the road from Sefwi Pataboso to Sefwi Kumkumso. The reporter is saddened by the way they have been cut off from development considering the abundant resources that can be found in the area.


Watch the video below




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