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Sex For Grade Hit Offinso JHS; Headmaster Arrested In Attempted Defilement Of Student


A forty-three (43) year old headmaster of Set ‘A’ Junior High School in Offinso, Mr Nketsiah has been arrested for attempting to defile a fifteen (15) year old girl and pupil of his school. The headmaster is said to have initially denied taking the teenage girl into his room when some young men in the neighbourhood stormed his apartment over suspicion that he was attempting to have the poor girl laid.

Mr Nketsiah according to the young men is on record [through a secret audio recording] to have lured the girl into his room under a pretext of getting her some good grades in her final examination. The girl [name withheld] is a final year student and told the police that Mr Nketsiah has been harassing her since her second year in the school.

The teenage girl is said to be heavily endowed at the behind, a feature that the 43-year-old headmaster couldn’t resist. The teenage girl disclosed that the headmaster has been pestering her and until she gave in last night to see him in his room.

But then, she had informed some local boys about the plan by the headmaster to have a sexual affair with her. The young men spent the night seated behind the windows of the headmaster hoping to gather some evidence before they pounce on him.

According to a local reporter on Makosem Show, these young men investigating the case heard the headmaster persuading the young girl to take off her cloth so they could have fun. The headmaster is reported to have promised the girl some leaked exams papers so she could prepare in advance and get a better grade.

It was at that instant that these young men rushed to the main door and threatened to expose the headmaster for what he was doing. But Mr Nketsiah denied knowledge of their claims.

He demanded that they go to the local police and report the incident before he could allow them access to his room. The young men agreed. An officer escorted them to the residence of the headmaster, and he was compelled to open the locks for an inspection.

The poor girl stood in the dark, right at the entrance. The headmaster was shamed and dragged to the police station. He has been behind bars since last night, assisting investigations.



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