Dating, relationship, and marriage issues have become the major topic for discussion among guys today. In cars, at the offices, and at different places people talk about relationship issues.
Guys are likely to meet any of these types of ladies.


As the name implies, they are the type that draws upon men for sustenance. They aim to exploit men. They look for those who have the money to sponsor their daily demands. They think of hobnobbing with friends at restaurants, parties and sharing pleasantries. They are solely dependent on guys and they do anything possible within their means to siphon your account. They are the gold diggers. When they are gone, you feel drained because such ladies don’t add any value to your life, but rather depreciate and decrease you. They make sure to reduce you to zero and before you realized it, they are no more. They don’t think of personal development, setting up and establishing something for themselves. Men are their bank accounts. And anytime they need something, they try as much as possible to get it from a man. Is always a win-lose since the ladies always gain to the detriment of men, as the way ticks feed on dogs. When you promise to do something for her, she invites her friends without your notice to consume you.


This type is similar but not the same as the first type. They are the type that takes advantage of men to advance their interest, without regard for principle. They sense opportunities. For example, they can target rich men in society or within a particular town and extort them. When they get what they want, they use it to establish something for themselves. Like setting up a beer bar, or any business that will later make them self reliant.  Unlike the parasitic ladies, they can be with you for a long period of time as long as things are going on well with you. But woe betide you when uncertainties set in, they quit slowly. They often target a man with something such as a car, a man running a business or owns something special but once that thing is no more, they are equally no more. Have you ever met a lady whom you tried to be in a relationship with her but never showed up until you bought a car or a motorbike at the university. Or the lady who was not willing to be with you until she heard you are working at the bank, hospital, mines, etc.
They can also do anything stupid just to get what they want. They look for men that have something that they want. They are more demanding when with you. Some opportunistic ladies could become your wife but always pray hard times don’t set in because they are not prepared to go through such times with you.


To them, sex is a game. They always think about sex and tries to start sexual relationships with people. They are occupied with thoughts of sex and sexual material and have nothing to offer apart from sex.   They are not bothered about one nightstand. You can meet her today at one corner and do whatever you want to do with her. Their coming into your life can be accidental, like during wake keep or some occasions. They go from one relationship to the other, often with a history of cheating. They can travel far distance just for sex and nothing more.
They change men like trotro, one gets out, another step in.


They spend most of their time online( WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc).
They post pictures showing their buttocks and how sexy they are.
voluptuous curves are appealing to the eyes and men like to move with those ladies for fun. They spend most of their time replying to online messages mostly liking comments on their recently posted pictures. Even if you are with her in your room, she seems not to pay much attention. She is more glued to her phone. It is as if the media is her partner. They post pictures online everyday. When something happens in her life, she finds a solution online by posting her problem and seeking opinions. They usually meet guys online or do online dating and later visit those guys. The more you comment on her postings, the more she falls for you. It is common in modern lifestyles.
They are easy to get so far as you are ready to search online.


They live their life anyhow and guys easily take advantage of them. They are easily convinced. They don’t even know why they are in a relationship. They do so because a friend is also doing the same. She does not take control of her life and lives to please men. Have you ever heard a lady say, as for me I cannot say no to a guy because I think he will feel bad if I reject his proposal? They are immature and you can take her to your room without making any proposal. To such ladies, life is an accident and whatever happens in her life, she accepts it. They are unsophisticated and often live a child-like style and follow the way ordinary people approach a problem. They can love you because you have a television or a laptop or any material thing in your room. They follow guys to their room like sheep on the way to be slaughtered. You can easily grasp them on the streets. And when they are pregnant, they can mention the names of more than five guys because they don’t know who caused the pregnancy. They are clinged to primitive lifestyle and ideologies.


They are every man’s dream. No matter how a man changes ladies, he finally settles with a woman with vision. Some ladies attract men into dating or relationship but not into marriage. So you would realize that, midway through many relationships, it breaks down. It is undeniable fact that not every lady we see on the streets is marriageable. A visionary woman lives a fair and healthy life. She sees opportunities as hard work. She takes responsibility for making sure she has what she requires to live a life full of beauty. Those ladies think about what they can do to help themselves and not overly dependent on men.  She creates and implements solutions on her own.



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